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Range from 50cc up to 600cc.


Aftersales Service Guaranteed


We also hire scooters, motorbikes, & quadbikes . For more info kindly visit our website



About Us


If you need reliable, efficient and agile mobility for today’s always congested roads with heavy traffic, I.G. Enterprises Ltd has the solution, we offer Aeon quadbikes and scooters, Over scooters and motorbikes.


For over 30 years our company, which is based in Sliema, has been providing local and foreign travellers with the facility of renting their own scooter or motorbike on a short or long term basis, thus we have a very good idea of what our future clients are looking for.


Since 2013 we have started importing the Brand names Aeon and Over, the brand name Aeon is of Taiwanese origin with a backing of 65 years experience in engineering, having designed and produced many award winning models, the name Aeon is synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Innovation. The Over brand R & D by Over Racing in Italy is manufactured in China with Italian supervision for Quality Control at one of the top motorbike factories in the land of the rising Sun. It's a relatively new partnership but it has proved itself on European soil for the past 3 years to be a solid future contender in its range of scooters and motorbikes.


At I.G. Enterprises Ltd we promise you quality customer service, affordability, and reliable vehicles. All you need to put in is your will to enjoy the ride!

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